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Rejoice, The New Star Wars Figures Come With A Non-Slave Leia

Illustration for article titled Rejoice, The New iStar Wars/i Figures Come With A Non-Slave Leia

Star Wars fans, good news - the new 6"-scaled Black Series figures are coming soon. And even better news! With them comes a new Princess Leia at long last, the first figure for the character in the line outside of an appearance in her Slavegirl outfit.


The new waves of 6" Black Series toys come with some oldies - Han and Luke re-appropriated onto Stormtrooper bodies for 'disguised' variants from A New Hope, and a repainted Clone Trooper captain - but there are some new figures among them. Clone Commander Cody, IG-88 and Emperor Palpatine join the scale for the first time, but the highlight has to be a new Leia figure, first revealed at NYCC last year, based on her Boushh disguise from Return of the Jedi.

Illustration for article titled Rejoice, The New iStar Wars/i Figures Come With A Non-Slave Leia

Not only is it a pretty nifty figure, it's great because it means there's finally a Leia figure out there that isn't just standing around in a metal bikini. Hasbro recently came under fire at Toy Fair for the lack of female characters in their upcoming Toy lines, and one of the complaints has been that, at least for the bigger Black Series toys (the line comes in 6" and 3.75" versions, each with different character compositions), the only female figure on shelves for over 2 years has been one showing as much skin as possible.

She's still the only female character represented in the scale, but it's a start. Now where's my Hoth Leia, dammit Hasbro!

The 8th and 9th waves of the Black Series are now available for preorder at Entertainment Earth for $20 each. The 8th wave will be out in April, and the 9th, including Leia, will be out in June.


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The Constable

When I was a kid, my unmasked Boushh disguise Leia action figure was always on board the Falcon with the others because she looks like such a badass.