Remainders - The Good, Bad and Ugly Things We Didn't Post (and Why)

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In today's Remainders: a heart-shaped humidifier; David Blaine talks to TED MED; HP shows off a gigantic touch screen, minus the touch; and this month's miserable designer phone, brought to you by Versace.

How Lovely
Though it's tough for me to get excited about a humidifier after this wooden beauty, these heart-shaped ones seem like a lovely way to circulate some moisture back into your home. The "Love Pot," as the unit's called, draws moisture from a cup in which it sits and can also be used as an air freshener. If you can figure out how to navigate the Korean website, the Love Pot is available for $30. Even more lovely: the proceeds currently go to helping secure scholarships for impoverished children. [Unplggd]


Dr. Blaine
David Blaine, the often impressive, always weird illusionist, spoke at the TED MED conference back in October. A video of his talk is now available on TED MED's website. In his signature drawl, Blaine recounts his myriad feats of physical endurance and then discusses his most recent and most trying challenge: trying to break the world record for holding his breath. After one failed attempt, Blaine bounced back to set the world record live on Oprah's TV show. This isn't our usual beat, but the story he tells is an amazing one. Gizmodo's own Mark Wilson was in the audience at TED MED and missed the chance to be instructed in breath-holding by Blaine himself by mere minutes. Talk about lifelong regrets! [TED MED].

Good Touch, Bad Touch
The Wall Street Journal reports on Hewlett-Packard's "Wall of Touch" concept, a gigantic touch screen with access to TV and Web content. Here's what makes this touch screen unique: you don't even have to touch it. Using cameras and magnetic strips, the wall senses when a viewer is drawing near and can then interpret their gestures as commands. The wall, which is made of nine 43", 1080p panels, won't make it out until the market until 2011 and will be pretty expensive when it does. And with multitouch input gaining traction the way it is, will HP be able to adapt the gesture-based technology for more complex commands? Maybe, but it probably won't be able to do so without you looking like an arm-waving lunatic.
[Wall Street Journal]


That's Rich
Another month, another outrageously expensive and totally useless designer phone. January's flavor of the month is Versace, whose $5000+ phone is slated for release in May. Developed in collaboration with ModeLabs, a French company who specialize in tacky, overpriced mobile devices, the Versace phone will be previewed at an exclusive event in Paris next week. It is sure to be a classy event. [Engadget]