Today's remainders are the leftovers tidbits from the big iPad day such as a comparison between Judas and the Apple device, ownership of ipad dot com, imaginary cameras, and silly Steve's price switcheroo.

Judas, Brutus, and the iPad

The fantastic Murray the Nut decided to share his feelings about the Apple iPad in comic form. I'm not sure if I agree about feeling betrayed, but I somehow do feel a bit letdown after all the crazy rumors that flew around before the event.


I'll completely forgive Apple when they build an iPad with a real kickstand though. [Murray the Nut]


iPad Dot Com

Curiously enough, it seems that Apple doesn't own any of the top level domains for the iPad. From to,,,,—deep breath—,,, list goes on and on. TechCrunch points out that Apple also doesn't own,, or any variations of those domains.

It's rather odd that the company didn't snatch up these rather significant domains and it'll be interesting to see whether money or court papers will be exchanged in the process of Apple acquiring them. [Tech Crunch]


Camera, What Camera?

To the surprise and dismay of many, the Apple iPad does not have a built-in camera. While we were all crying about this fact, some clever devs dug through the iPad emulator included in the SDK tools and noticed that there appears to be a mysterious "add photo" button in the iPad's contacts application.


Maybe this was intended for a built-in camera which was killed or maybe it'll work with some kind of accessory, who knows? I'm secretly hoping that there'll be a surprise secret feature when the iPad launches. [Crunch Gear]

What Happened to the $499 Price Tag

$499 flashed across the screen and a handful of people scowled and growled as everyone else cheered. Those people had apparently been "working with Apple on iPad-related products and services" and were told that the price would be one hundred buckaroos less. That'd be "low enough to stupefy the world and nuke the netbook market," as Ryan Tate puts it.


No one knows what happened with the pricing scheme, but we'd sure like any info if you have it. Was there really a talk of a different price or was that just a rumor wrapped around speculation encased in excitement? [Gawker]