Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Snow Day Edition

In today's Remainders: Snow! Stay in and watch the video podcast infinite recursion on YouTube or go outside and toss the new Panasonic Toughbook tablet in a snowbank (it can handle it). Crowdsourced snow shoveling in DC and more!

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Tough Tablet
Yeah, the iPad is pretty, but you better be careful how you treat it lest that beautiful 9" screen shatter into a million little pieces. For people who are looking for something a little tougher—okay, a lot tougher—Panasonic's Toughbook H1 Field looks about as rugged as they come. Admittedly, the H1 probably won't be of much use to regular old consumers who are interested in regular old tablet computing, but with WiFi, a 10" touch screen, a 2MP camera, a reinforced 64GB SSD and the ability to protect all those guts after a six foot fall, this tablet is the one to covet for anyone whose line of work could be found on Dirty Jobs and requires a computer. [Engadget]

Apparently this is pretty popular on the old internets, so my apologies if you're already familiar with this incrediblie video podcast infinite feedback loop. But ohmygodOHMYGOD ohmygodOHMYGOD is it funny.

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Snowgedden, Crowdsourced
Snowmageddon. Snowpocalype. The Blizzard of 2010. Whatever you call it and no matter where you live, you've probably heard that the East Coast is currently getting walloped with a massive snow storm. Here in New York it is definitely snowin', but it's nothing that some mittens and a hot chocolate can't get us through. In the Washington D.C. area, from what I gather, things are a little bit crazier. But in this day and age, where there's a problem, you can be sure that there's a potentially useful crowd-sourced solution. Enter Snowmageddon: The Clean Up. Using Google Maps, D.C.-area residents can post snow "problems" (My driveway is snowed in) as well as snow "solutions" (I'm a big burly man and I would like to dig someone out of a snow bank). Right now, as you can imagine, there are more problems posted than solutions, but it's good to know that even in these chilliest of predicaments, technology is there with an answer. []

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Asus says it's got a "killer" product in the pipeline for Computex in June, and it looks like it's most likely going to be an Eee tablet of some sort. That would be pretty exciting, but we were already excited-out over this report, from a few weeks ago, that said that Asus had a killer Eee tablet coming out in June. Asus has suggested how they'd like to work with Google on their tablet, but while the prospect of a Chrome OS EeePad is a nice one, it's hard to get too worked up over anything so flimsy. [CrunchGear]


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I love when people who don't understand climate change argue that global warming doesn't exist because of snowstorms like this one. Climate change means hot parts of the year get hotter and cold parts get colder... duh.