Remote Control Nerf-Firing Robots Are the Answer To Every Kid's Dream

Robots and Nerf, two toys that are the staple of every child's messy bedroom floor, are finally coming together in what could be one of the best (and safest) ways to harass your siblings, parents, and even co-workers. Because Hasbro's new Combat Creatures let you remotely unleash a barrage of foam darts from a safe distance.


Available sometime in the fall, the Combat Creatures have a six-legged insect-like design that allows them to clamber over everything from laundry to stacks of files. And unlike with wheels or even tank treads, these robots can pretty much go anywhere.

Controlled with an included wireless remote, the angle and direction of the barrel-fed blaster can all be adjusted from afar, in a full 360 degree sweep, which means you only need a basic line of sight to hit your target. And even if you miss, you've got plenty of other darts at your disposal to make sure your target is sufficiently annoyed. [Nerf]

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