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Report: Amazon to Add Other Online Video Services to Prime Video

Illustration for article titled Report: Amazon to Add Other Online Video Services to Prime Video

Amazon is planning to provide its Prime Instant Video members with access to other online, on-demand TV and movie services, alongside its usual original and licensed content, according to a new report.


Bloomberg Business cites “people with knowledge of the plans” in reporting that “Prime customers will have the option of adding other online subscriptions to their accounts, including major, well-known movie and TV channels, and Amazon will also sell prepackaged bundles of its own creation.” The sources claim the new service could go live as early as December of this year.

The plans would see Amazon forge partnerships with other on-demand networks—though it’s not yet clear which those partners might be—and provide access to them all in one place. As Bloomberg Business puts it, “Amazon will manage customer relationships for major media companies the way pay-TV services do, according to the people,” even allowing users to log into other streaming services using Amazon details.


The service, the report claims, would add video from those services into the Prime video selection, along with the usual original and licensed content. There would also be landing pages for each of the partnering services, according to the report.

Bloomberg Business’s sources suggest that the resulting Prime offer would place it somewhere between cable-TV subscription (only, without live programming) and the kind of thing offered by Roku and Amazon Prime right now.

It remains to be seen how this would all tie together neatly for the user, and for that matter what kind of content may become available. But if Bloomberg is right about the timing, we might not have long to wait before we find out.

[Bloomberg Business]

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I know this is somewhat silly but I don’t like Amazon’s UI. Instead of listing a show as one entity they list them as seasons. So you have to scroll through more things when browsing. Maybe Netflix spoiled me but I wish they just listed the shows to be selected and had the seasons within that.

Again, a dumb gripe but I don't like scrolling past every season of californication trying to find some other show to watch. I thought it was just the interface through the Xbox but no, it's on their smartphone app too.