If you can't beat 'em, take 'em over. At least, that's what Apple might be thinking, as rumor has it that Cook and co are in talks to acquire Primesense, the compnay which makes the 3D sensors used in Kinect.

According to Israeli newspaper Calcalist, Apple has offered up a cool $280 million to buy the company. The negotiations apparently arose when a team from Apple visited Primesense—whose chips ended up in the first Kinect—to discuss embedding its technology into Apple products.


The 3D sensing technology developed by Primesense has already found a home in over 20 million devices. While its focussed on gaming in the past, its recently been working with ASUS to provide 3D sensing in PCs, too. Clearly, Apple thinks it might be able to capitalize on that shift. [Calcalist via Verge]