Report: Apple Tablet Slated For Aluminum Casing and Q2 Launch

Illustration for article titled Report: Apple Tablet Slated For Aluminum Casing and Q2 Launch

Reuters today, citing unnamed sources, reports that Apple's supply chain will begin manufacturing aluminum casings for their upcoming tablet device next month. That means a shipment could come as early as this spring.


Taiwanese manufacturer AVY Precision Technology, Inc has been tapped to provide the cases, while Wintek Corp and TPK Solutions will supply the panels for tablet, according to Reuters. This backs up the WSJ's report on Monday that the Apple tablet will ship in March and the rumored January 27th announcement.

With major new product launches like this, you can generally expect these types leaks and rumors with increasing frequency right up to the announcement—that is, until the Apple gestapo has their way. [Reuters via MacRumors]


I can't afford anything made by apple. So This is where I usually say something disparaging about Apple. But *sigh* I'm just tired. I'm tired and jealous and horny.

There I said it. I want this machine. I will give my soul for this machine... I'm really offering my soul here... but... We have to wait till the reveal, there is still an infinitesimal chance that Apple disappoints on this.