Report: FreedomPop's LTE Clip Will Give Wi-Fi-Only Tablets Free Mobile Internet

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According to a leak obtained by Forbes, FreedomPop, a company that's looking to provide free, mobile Internet access, is now looking to tablets as its next broadband market-disrupting frontier.

Dubbed the LTE Clip, the relatively unobtrusive device will attach to Wi-Fi-only tablets, granting them LTE Internet from Sprint Nextel in the process. Wi-Fi-only tablets already take up 90% of the market, and the LTE Clip is supposed to be compatible with the vast majority of them (iPad included). So for this significant group of tablet users who don't want to pay for a data contract, a free 500 MB of 4G service per month could be a highly appealing deal.


Users will get additional free data whenever they share their connection, and up to eight users can connect to a clip at a time. So it helps to play nice.

No word yet on price, but considering their Wi-Fi-device-creating iPod Touch case retails at $100, the clip probably won't be too far off. And while FreedomPop confirmed to us that it is indeed working on an LTE/3G clip for tablets, it could still be awhile before we see it on shelves as "the device is in early stages of development." And considering its 4G case for iPhone is still in FCC Limbo, whether or not it will ever see daylight remains questionable. [Forbes]

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I wonder how many more free ISP's will pop up before they learn the model doesn't work?