Would You Put a Case on Your iPhone If It Gave You Free Data?

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TechCrunch is reporting that FreedomPop, a company made by Skype founder Niklas Zennström, is working on creating a case for your iPhone that'll pull double duty as a mobile hotspot. Hmm... sounds interesting! Even more interesting, the case will pump out free 4G data.

Free as in free of monthly costs and not free free but even that kind of not free but free is more flexible than handcuffing yourself to a 2-year contract for mobile hotspots with the big bad carriers. Supposedly, the FreedomPop case works like any other hotspot, it lasts for 30 hours and can connect up to 8 devices. FreedomPop supposedly uses ClearWire 4G network to dole out its data and gives each user of a FreedomPop case a free 1GB data plan (with every gig on top costing $10). Typically, we prefer our phones naked but when free data is involved, we won't blame you for wanting FreedomPop.


So how much will the case cost? This is where it gets even more interesting. TechCrunch says to sign up with FreedomPop you'll have to fork over a $100 deposit for the case, but the deposit is fully refundable if the case is returned in good condition. With some slick refund skills, you could easily figure out a way to juggle all this data for free. [TechCrunch]