Report: Sprint's Total Equipment Protection Won't Cover iPhones

Illustration for article titled Report: Sprints Total Equipment Protection Wont Cover iPhones

It looks like Sprint iPhone users will have to buy AppleCare+ like the rest of us if you want a safety net for dropped, submerged, and otherwise demolished handsets. SprintFeed got its hands on a slide saying Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plans won't cover the iPhone.


Here's the thing: the $100 for AppleCare actually comes out to well under what the $7/month Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plans cost over a two-year contract. And the slide only specifies that the non-offering is planned "at launch" for now, so it could change. But with Sprint pinching pennies all over the place lately, it wouldn't be that surprising to see it just up and outsource all iPhone insurance nonsense Apple's way. [SprintFeed via Engadget via Techmeme]

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AppleCare+ ... or SquareTrade.

FYI to those thinking about purchasing extra insurance; check with the credit card you used to purchase the phone first, often they extended the manufacturers warranty by one year. Also homeowners/renters insurance can sometimes cover it.