Report: The Surface Mini Existed But Microsoft Killed It

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While all the rumors suggested Microsoft was going to announce a teeny-tiny Surface RT today, but instead we got a big (and promising) Surface Pro 3. What happened to the mini? According to a report by Bloomberg it was a thing, and then Microsoft nixed it.


Smaller tablets are all the rage, but according to sources cited by Bloomberg, Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop a mini Surface wouldn't be different enough from its competition to succeed. It had been in production though, with plans for a reveal that could have happened as early as today. Microsoft is still apparently working on other ideas for a small Surface, but there's nothing imminent. In short, Microsoft decided it couldn't beat the iPad (mini).

Instead, the larger (but thinner) Surface Pro 3 offers a more plausible laptop replacement than any other Surface—Pro or not—ever did. It's a step in a new direction that might offer a little more success. In the meantime, put your tiny Surface dreams on a shelf for now. A keyboard that small would probably suck anyway. [Bloomberg]



Ugh. I guess Microsoft couldn't get production costs down to where it would've been worth producing.

I was really excited at the prospect of high quality Surface hardware, 1080p screen and OneNote pen input. Otherwise, there really is no competent 8" Windows tablet with pen input.