Retro iStation Transforms the iPad 2 into the Apple I

The iPad may be a modern technological marvel, but I don't think its design comes close to the simple wood-chasis beauty of the old-school Apple I. Now I've got the best of both worlds: iPad power and Apple I aesthetics with the iStation.


The iStation by MIC is—obviously—a docking station for the iPad as well as the iPad2, iPhone 4/S. It's constructed of wood and includes a removable wireless keyboard. Both the chassis and keyboard connect to the iPad via a Bluetooth connection, though you can still use the on-screen keyboard if you prefer (why you'd want to, however, is beyond me). It also has a USB port, microSD slot and 3.5mm stereo audio input jack. The knob on the front of the chassis adjusts volume output from the iStation's embedded speaker. And, if you have MP3's on a USB stick but no iPad, you can still plug the dongle in and play music directly through the chassis.

Just set the iPad in its cradle (either in landscape or portrait), plug the iPad into the chassis' power adapter—gotta keep the iPad charged somehow—turn everything on, pair up the devices, and away you go!

[MIC Gadgets via Slashgear]



I'd be more impressed if it actually emulated the Apple I on the iPad as well. Toss in the Apple ][ and I'd be blown away.