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CNet Asia just reviewed the iRiver S10, generally seen as the one and only possible competitor to Apple's new iPod nano. Typical of iRiver digital audio players, the company has gone to great lengths to ensure that there's enough features here to make you forget that you're not using an iPod. The 1.5-inch screen is too small to enjoy gaming and videos and the like, so iRiver opted to leave out those features. Basically, it's a darn good 2GB little digital audio player with eight hours of battery life. For some reason, though, iRiver's CD ripping software doesn't support ripping into the MP3 format, even though the player supports it. Um, what? Check out the best part of CNet's review:

We auditioned the S10 with Diana Krall's You are Getting to be a Habit with Me. Highs and mids were detailed with ample warmth. There was also plenty of presence in terms of bass. On Massive Attack's Angel, the low end was strong and boomy.


Diana Krall? Way to be thoroughly dorky. Why not throw on Sha Na Na while you're at it?

Still no list price, but the iRiver S10 appears to be a winner.

iRiver S10 Review [CNet Asia]

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