Revisit Grease in All Its 1950s Summer Lovin' Glory Once Again

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[Cue up "Summer Nights" for optimal effect]. You've almost definitely seen Grease six or seven times. It's on TV a lot, it's about 25-years-old, and c'mon, those songs are just about everywhere. But it's summer, and we're talking about summer love, so why not revisit the classic campy flick?


You know the story: Sandy is a good girl, and an outsider. Danny is the rebel, and the school heartthrob. For all intents and purposes this duo should never be a duo. But a little summer romance down in the sand brought them together. Hey, they never thought they'd see each other again. But here they are in 1950-something, both at good ol' Rydell High. Will they ever work again? Is he too much of a bad boy? Is she too much of a Sandra Dee?

Sandy tries to fall in with the in crowd. Danny tries to change his rebel ways. It's a struggle for them both—a struggle clad in poodle skirts and leather jackets. In the end, they wonder if they're just too different. Or are they? You can probably see where this is going because you've seen the movie. And if you haven't, indulge yourself in some cheesiness and some fantastic songs (and John Travolta dancing back when he could dance well), and learn all the references that have been going over your head for all these years. [Netflix]

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Let's not forget, Sandy and Danny fly away in a car at the end of the movie... zero explanations given. It's the 1950s and they have a flying car.