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Rhapsody Makes Facebook App (Because Everyone Else Is Doing It)

Illustration for article titled Rhapsody Makes Facebook App (Because Everyone Else Is Doing It)

Just got word that the Rhapsody music service has a new Facebook app called Music By Rhapsody. You get "access" to 4.5 million songs, and there's a preference engine that recommends songs for you and your visitors to play from the profile page. The price catch is, you get 25 free songs per month, after which you have to upgrade to a paid-for plan. And the whole thing, still in beta, feels more promotional than servicy. Like many Facebook apps, the promise of doing things right there on the profile page is quickly dashed, and you're whisked away to another page after just a click or two. I don't blame Rhapsody, I just think the Facebook app format is—ahem—highly overrated. I could be wrong; go check it out and report back here. [Rhapsody on Facebook]


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@92BuickLeSabre: I'm only 27.

Every single person I know, from teen relatives and friends' little brothers and sisters, to friends and relatives my age, not a one of them are using Facebook. Everyone uses Myspace.

Like I've said on the "word of the year topic" no asks to facebook them, they all want to be myspaced.