If you're not familiar with Sideshow, it's one of Windows Vista's features that lets you display gadgets and view photos and music on devices connected to the PC. In this case, the RICAVISION remote, which we looked at before uses Bluetooth to pipe Sideshow information from your Vista Media Center onto the display itself. It also works with IR, in case you were wondering.


Better than the Philips SideShow remote, this one atually displays color and has a 100-meter operating range. The fact that it has SideShow essentially lets people program applications for the remote, meaning it's quite extensible even compared with other learning remotes.

You'll be able to get one for yourselves in April for $199. It's pricey for just a remote, but for a remote that can see how much CPU's being used, read RSS, and show a fancy little Vista Gadget clock, it's pretty fair.


Product Page [Ricavision (Annoying music auto-starts) via i4u via Everything USB]

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