Rice Omelet Mouse—Need I Say More?

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A lot of the mice we feature around these parts could be considered weird, until now. This ... thing ... pushes the boundary of anything normal. A new dish to me—a rice omelet is simple a rice-filled omelette drenched in ketchup. Turn that concept into a mouse cover and you have yourself one hell of a strange and creepy peripheral. A part of me is speechless about this mouse and another part of me just wants to curse everything about this faux omelette mouse. I really just need a vacation.

Far Out from the Far East: Rice Omelet Mouse [SCI FI]

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I'm going to assume that the ignorant nincompoops, Mr. Hudson included, are devoid of Asian (Japanese) cultural awareness. That dish is delicious and I grew up eating it and still do, and I'm not even Japanese! If you're too lazy to make it yourself, you can find it in most Japanese supermarket's deli sections.

However, I do not condone the usage of its likeness as a mousing device, that's just strange in itself.