Ridiculously Poseable Spider-Man Figure Basically Does Whatever a Spider Can

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As long as the spinning of webs (of any size) and catching of thieves (just like flies) is restricted to the realm of six-inch-tall action figures, this new Spider-Man figure from Revoltech can be posed doing pretty much anything you want him to do.

Using the Revoltech’s famously over-articulated action figure frame, this new 6-inch Spider-Man is as limber as you’d want the webslinger to be—almost too limber, perhaps, as the weird joints that allow for such extreme poses occasionally get in the way of Spider-Man’s look.


But the huge amount of articulation means that you can really get a ton of cool poses out of Spidey, whether it’s mid-swing, climbing up a wall, or being a showboat The figure comes with a bunch of accessories to facilitate that too, including multiple sets of hands in various poses, strings of webbing for him to shoot out from his wrists, a clasp to pose him crawling up a wall, and even alternate eyes for the mask to capture him in various expressions:


That’s pretty great. Revoltech’s Spider-Man will hit shelves in Japan in January for 6,372 yen (around $60), if you want to import one of your own.

[Figsoku via Toyark]