RIM CEO: BlackBerry Bold Not Inspired by the iPhone At All, Really

RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, who was hating hard on touchscreen keyboards last time we heard from him, took the defensive on the BlackBerry Bold's iPhone-esque aesthetics at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, saying that the Bold "wasn't a response to another device.... This was actually designed three years ago and the actual physical design of this product—I have the original models from 2006." Syncing to iTunes aside, Mike, I take it that this would be your response to the iPhone then? What do you guys think? Update: Changed the picture to live shot comparison, rather than renders.


Lazaridis also continued proselytizing for the full, physical QWERTY, calling it "the most exciting mobile trend," arguing that

"I'm not making this up. People are running out of their two-year contracts and they're coming into the stores and they want to be able to do Facebook and they want to be able to do instant messaging and they want to be able to do e-mail and they ask for those features thinking that they're going to get another flip phone and they're walking out with a (BlackBerry) Curve or a Pearl because they're the best devices for doing those kinds of activities."

Man, it sure would be great if there was a BlackBerry flip phone, wouldn't it ? All mocking aside, I think he's kinda right—look at the success of the Sidekick and LG's various QWERTY-but-basic phones, like the Rumor and enV. [Cnet via Daring Fireball]


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