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Roast a Chicken in the Time it Takes to Watch a Friends Rerun With Your Personal Spit Rotisserie

Illustration for article titled Roast a Chicken in the Time it Takes to Watch a iFriends/i Rerun With Your Personal Spit Rotisserie

Nothing like making proper takeaway-style meals at home. How many of us have tried replicating Whoppers or Taco Bell burritos on a Tuesday night, when you're too lazy to hotfoot it over to the drive-in?


You can get in on the rotisserie chicken act at—of course—Hammacher Schlemmer, for $130. The machine cooks chooks on a spit for 30 minutes, but it also does kabobs, turkey breasts and all sorts of other meat paraphernalia your stomach happens to be craving. It probably doesn't do tofu, though. [Hammacher via RedFerret]

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The best device for cooking a chicken is the little used broiler pan. Cut the back out of the chicken, press it flat, season with salt and whatever else you want. Line the pan with potatoes and veggies of choice to catch the drippings.

Takes 2 sitcoms or 1 drama to cook but Chicken Bombed Potatoes are worth the wait.