Robert Downey, Jr. talks The Avengers filming, and Jon Favreau reveals his role in Iron Man 3!

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The Dark Knight Rises adds a new actor. J.J. Abrams talks about Brad Bird's live-action directorial debut, the latest Mission: Impossible movie. Plus new videos for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Torchwood: Miracle Day, and Game of Thrones!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Walking Dead.

The Dark Knight Rises

The movie has added another actor in an unspecified role. The latest addition is reportedly Josh Stewart, who I will always know as Joshua from No Ordinary Family, for better or worse...yeah, that'd be for worse. [Variety]


The Avengers

When asked about the filming process, Robert Downey Jr. gave the most Robert Downey Jr. answer imaginable:

"Well, I hate everybody. [Audience laughs] I'm not talking about the cast, I'm not talking about Joss. What I mean is I tend to look at a scene and say, 'This is absolutely impossible, we can't shoot this, it's horrible. I can tell you 10 other movies it's been in, I refuse.' I usually start off the morning by refusing to do what I've signed on to do. So I brought that attitude, happily. I just thought, 'How are you gonna put all of us clowns together? He's wearing a suit, he's all jacked up, he's so and so and poor Mark Ruffalo, he's gonna outdo us.' And we're about six weeks in and I have to say Joss Whedon is nailing it. He's so smart and so good. And it's gonna be great. I can't believe I just said it, I never could've believed this but it's gonna be great."


Here's a promo poster spotted at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas. []


Iron Man 3

From the same interview, Jon Favreau explains he has already been asked by director Shane Black to help out with the new movie, and that he wants to remain involved:

And I love the franchise and I'm a big fan of Shane's as well so hopefully I can be helpful because I want to see this thing grow and transform. And actually, when it finally landed on Shane, it was like, ‘All right, that's gonna be something interesting.' Especially because it's gonna be so difficult for whoever does that one because although it's Iron Man 3, the whole Avengers thing…I guess in comics you can say that it's an individual storyline and you can break it off into a group. But in movies, it's hard not to take into consideration what just happened. What are you gonna say? ‘They all just lost their cell phones and you can't get help?' So it's going to take a lot of ingenuity to make it make sense to a mainstream film audience as well as a comic book audience.


There are some more details at the link. [/Film]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Here are some more TV spots.

And here are some more photos.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Here's one more poster. []

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible 3 director J.J. Abrams talks about the latest entry and the work of his successor, longtime Pixar director Brad Bird:

It's going great. Brad Bird directed an incredibly fun movie. To watch him do his first live-action movie is kind of surreal, because you see these moments that are really funny, and specific and about character - and you think, "WOW, that's so Brad Bird"… but then you think, "God, I've never seen a Brad Bird live action movie, ever." So its a weird thing to see stuff that feels… He's a great filmmaker who just happens to have been using the tools of animation. It's going great. And the IMAX footage in particular is looking INSANE.



Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here's a new teaser trailer:

And here are some more photos. [SpoilerTV]

Game of Thrones

Here's a preview for next week's season finale:

True Blood

Here are some set photos from yesterday's filming, featuring Stephen Moyer and Deborah Ann Woll. [SpoilerTV]


Now for some various spoiler-y tidbits. A statue of Michelle Forbes's maenad Maryann will be seen in the backroom of the Witch Goddesses magic shop, and play an important role. Stephen Moyer's Bill will do "a vigilante thing that's pretty hard-core." Joseph Manganiello offers this update on Alcide and a new pack of werewolves:

"Wherever werewolves go, they never get along, so you're going to see a lot of fighting. My character has moved since last season. He was living in Jackson, but all that bad stuff went down in Jackson, so all I can say is he moves very close to Sookie now."


[E! Online]

The Walking Dead

AMC has released the second official image from season two. [ShockTillYouDrop]

And here are some set photos from yesterday's filming. [SpoilerTV]


Zachary Levi explains what this final season will mean for Chuck and Sarah:

"It'll be our swan song and we all kind of ride off into the sunset together. It's great; we get closure."


[E! Online]

Falling Skies

Star Noah Wyle discusses executive producer Steven Spielberg's involvement with the show:

"[Spielberg] was instrumentally involved throughout the whole process, from shaping the original pilot script to casting. He came to the set...helped craft the overreaching arc of the season [and] made editorial suggestions on all the episodes."


[E! Online]

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Here's another trailer for ABC Family's upcoming series.

The show is reportedly looking for a recurring guest star to play the boyfriend of one of the main characters, and this boyfriend will - surprise! - have some nefarious, mysterious ulterior motive. [E! Online]


And for a roundup of what's in store on the show, check out the link. [TV Line]

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