After confusing that thing for Wall-E's eye and pinching myself to stop thinking about how cute it is, I learned that the Blackfire Clamplight is, well as its name implies, a flashlight that clamps to things and pivots.

Bummer. I wish it did more, like wash my floors and talk to me when I am lonely. Ok, so it isn't a robot (even though the video really wants it to be), but for $30 you get a sweet looking flashlight that also has a clip that makes it stand up on its own. Hmm, looks like the Clamplight is looking to kick the similarly priced Gorillatorch where the sun don't shine. It should be quite bright; it has a 1 watt, 65 lumen Cree White XR-C LED bulb. Clamplight, your future is bright. One day you will be the pal I dream of! [Blackfire]