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Robots Sniff Out Pollens So Japanese Don't Have To

Illustration for article titled Robots Sniff Out Pollens So Japanese Dont Have To

Worried about springtime pollen levels, Weathernews, Inc. of Tokyo is sending out an army of robot noses to monitor allergens. Two hundred 12-inch spherical robots are being strung up across Japan, each with monitoring gear that tests levels of airborne cedar and cypress pollen. Every bot hangs outside a volunteer's home, its "eyes" flashing colors matching the current alert levels, and Weathernews' Tokyo office compiles the data into an online map. Pairs of glowing red robot eyes warning people of a health risk? Sounds a tad too anime to us. [Weathernews via Pink Tentacle]


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Can't you just imagine these things shrieking and swarming through cities on their thin creepy robotic tentacles?