Rocket-powered Truck Leaps Across Continents

Boss Hog woulda had no trouble gittin' Luke and Bo if he was driving one of these. Created by head of Orion Propulsion, Tim Pickens, (who also created the rocket-powered bike), this truck is powered by a 2,750-pound thrust nitrus oxide rocket. But wait, it gets better. The engine is controlled using a handheld gaming controller (we wonder which controller he used) and dash-mounted LCDs let the driver and lucky passenger watch the engine as it propels them straight to their death. The pick up, which is the only kind of pick up we'd ever want to drive, was shown at the Wirelfly X Prize Cup this past weekend. Click ahead for a bonus video of the rocket in action. It's worth it.


The Rocket Truck [via GizMag]

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