Roger Rabbit sequel definitely still happening

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Producer Robert Zemeckis verifies that the Roger Rabbit sequel still hasn't been plunged into a giant vat of dip. We're still not 100% behind Roger Rabbit 2 - but like it or not, here it comes.

MTV caught up with Zemeckis, only to find out that the original screenwriters Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman were still working on the Roger Rabbit sequel, which he coyly mentioned was coming along "great."


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Thankfully, some brilliant soul in Hollywood talked Zemeckis out of using his usual creepy performance capture for all of the film's animated characters. Whoever you are, we thank you. But now that we know that Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) might not show up in this followup, what's the point? The man who hated toons was a great foil to the first movie's ridiculous rabbit. These two screenwriters are really going to have to dream up a wonderful protagonist, or this movie could easily fall into Cool World territory. And nobody wants that.