Roland Emmerich Wants To Avatar-Up Isaac Asimov's Foundation

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Disastrous director Roland Emmerich has announced that his epic undertaking of Asimov's Foundation will be a motion capture production in 3-D. Because this way, the director can ask for more money.


Last we heard about Roland Emmerich's Foundation filming it was still being tweaked by Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat.

In an interview with MTV, the director announced that he wants to mo-cap the entire film, Avatar style and add in some 3-D.

Probably now all big movies have to be 3-D. It's not only the effect of 3-D, [Avatar has] just shown that if you do a movie in 3-D, you can ask for more money and that's the trick. I think now everybody who does bigger movies has to shoot them in 3-D. I think there's no way around it. I was on the set of ‘Avatar' and I saw how it worked and I really thought, ‘That's the ultimate way of making movies.'

He also said "yes" when asked if the project would be in mo-cap. So consider this the first of the blatant Avatar "they made money, why can't we?" rip-offs. But, in Emmerich's defense, using this style of shooting may help bring Foundation's planet Terminus to life. Emmerich is hoping that he'll get to make 3 films total from the first Foundation trilogy.


Dr Emilio Lizardo

I suggest Roland Emmerich, Paul WS Anderson, Uwe Boll and Michael Bay in a cage match to the death.

Whoever loses, we win.