Rubio's Campaign Staffers Stole Wifi from a Pizza Place–And Got Caught

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GOP presidential candidate and Florida-themed Ken doll Marco Rubio is running a campaign so thrifty that staffers have been stealing wifi.


The AP has a story on the Rubio campaign’s ultra-low-budget tactics, which apparently include ruthlessly bogarting internet from a local restaurant:

At one of the campaign’s Nevada offices, staffers tried to do their part to live up to the less is more mantra. After noticing a pizza place next to a campaign office had free wireless internet that required a password, a staffer walked over and bought two pieces of pizza and asked for the internet access code.

But the cost-cutting measure was short-lived. After about three weeks, the pizza place caught on and asked the Rubio team to stop.


Rubio’s fundraising effort is on the upswing; perhaps his staffers will be able to afford Starbucks and its free wifi soon.

Update 11/13 1:40 pm: The Las Vegas Sun got in contact with the pizza shop owner, who said he didn’t mind if the Rubio campaign used his internet. And good news! The campaign office has its own internet connection now:

The Rubio campaign confirmed the AP account, saying they used the pizzeria’s Wi-Fi for the first three weeks they were in the office until it suddenly stopped working. They also confirmed that the Las Vegas office does, in fact, now have its own Wi-Fi, though they opted out of a Wi-Fi cable bundle to save money. Instead, they watch TV on a staffer’s Apple TV.


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