Rumor: Apple 27" 16:9 Cinema Displays, Mac Pros and Magic Track Pads Tomorrow?

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Apple 27 16:9 Cinema Displays, Mac Pros and Magic Track Pads Tomorrow?

Over at Daring Fireball, the well-informed John Gruber suggests Apple might out a new 27", 16:9 cinema display tomorrow, perhaps in concert with faster iMacs and refreshed Mac Pros. Update: And perhaps, even more tantilizingly, with Apple's elusive Magic Trackpad?


The Mac Pro line is long overdue for a refresh, and their imminent overhaul was suggested by the recent unavailability of older Mac Pro models at the Apple Store site.


But as intriguing as it is unlikely is Gruber's "Doubly-hypothetical" suggestion that we could see the unveiling of Apple's Bluetooth Magic Trackpad tomorrow, a long-anticipated mulitouch device that was just recently cleared by the FCC.

If Apple is indeed outing new Mac Pros, pumped-up iMacs, and a shiny new Cinema Display tomorrow, it seems like it would be as good a time as ever for them to announce a nice big slab o' trackpad for desktop machines. It's a fun thought, anyway. [Daring Fireball]

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i love apples dedication to its products and its mac lines

i just wish the premium to own one wasn't so high as they seem to update the lines twice a year