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Rumor: Apple's Cloud Music Streaming Service Might Be Free at First

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Apples Cloud Music Streaming Service Might Be Free at First

As Apple's iTunes in the cloud readies itself for launch, a few new details are coming out regarding the music locker service. CNET says music industry insiders have said that Apple could offer the iTunes in the cloud service for free in the beginning but will eventually require a fee. Insiders are still unsure what Apple wants to charge but previous reports had pegged it to be about $20 a year. Many other music streaming services charge users to use their services so it's not really a surprise that Apple plans to. They do know how to make a buck, after all. [CNET]


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Am I the only person here who doesn't have a single song or video on their iPhone or iPad? I sometimes wonder if the rest of the world has heard of streaming services...

I understand that statement doesn't really relate to the article, but "at some basic level" aren't cloud storage and subscription based streaming technically the same thing when considering audio and video? You're still buying something that someone else stores for you.

Unless of course apple doesn't allow streaming to purchased content and only allows for upload/download to their cloud (similar to "cloud based backup"). Which of course they would probably never do, as it would be a waste of the service.