Rumor: Facebook Coming to Skype Soon, for Video-Chatting Facebook Mates

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How often do you use Facebook Chat, the buggy IM service? If the answer is "hardly ever," then do you think you'd be keen on video-chatting, calling or SMSing with them through Skype instead?


According to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, Facebook and Skype are close to announcing a deal which would see Skype accounts integrated with Facebook Connect, meaning Facebook friends could voice-chat, SMS or even video call one another from their Skype accounts.

Supposedly we'll be seeing it go live in a couple of weeks when the Skype 5.0 beta goes full-thrust (which we already know brings 10-person video-calling for Windows), but for now it's not known whether Facebook Connect will be visible just on the desktop platform, or through phones as well. [AllThingsD]



Skype has the rare quality of being some of the worst software I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with on pretty much every platform I've tried. From FADING MY MUSIC OUT and back in to play the small incoming IM sound to causing my Linux-using friend to repeatedly auto-resend-and-fail a file transfer, to completely hard-locking my Froyo-based phone, it's astounding how a well-funded company with a large development team pays such little attention to user experience or quality software.

I use Trillian for Facebook since it's fantastic. Sadly, Skype for Trillian still requires Skype to be open in the background, filling me with sadness.