Rumor: HD TiVo Series 3, Released September 17 for $799?

A tipster who works for Best Buy revealed tantalizing tidbits about the upcoming TiVo Series 3 HD personal video recorder. Word is that the highly-anticipated high-definition PVR will be in Best Buy's inventory on September 17 for $799. Although the tipster said it would be in stores on that date, there was no info on the actual street date of the Series 3.

That $799 price sounds like a lot of dough, but we were thinking it was going to be even pricier, more in the range of $1000. We saw this machine in its early stages up close at CES last January (see our photos above), and can't wait to get our hands on one with its dual-CableCard, HD-packing capabilities. Anything to finally send our disgraceful Scientific-Atlanta 8300HD PVR to the ash heap of history where it so deservedly belongs.


Series 3 to be released September 17th, for $799? [HD Beat]

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