Rumor: Netbook Debate Ends With A Quiet Settlement?

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Or perhaps it ended with literally nothing at all. Regardless, it appears as though the netbook debate, started by Psion and now purportedly given a finishing move by Intel, is over.


French web site Blogeee reports that the two companies, locked in a somewhat ridiculous legal dance for the past several months, have reached a settlement.


Few details have surfaced regarding the settlement, but according to Blogeee, Psion all but gave up the fight and has agreed to "allow" other computer makers to use the term netbook. Mum's the word on what concessions, if any, Intel gave up to Psion.

So, the long terrible debate over who could say netbook and who couldn't is apparently over. It's also a Sunday, so, there's that too. [Blogeee via Liliputing]

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netbook netbook netbook...

awwww, it's not fun anymore. Now I gotta find another word that some company wants to keep me from saying.

Ooh, I got it. coke with a lowercase "c", they hate that.

coke coke coke, yay.