Rumor: New iPhone 4 Antenna Design Coming Late September

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An executive at a Mexican cellphone carrier Telcel claims that Apple has a revised iPhone 4 coming late September that fixes the annoying antenna problems everyone's seen with the original model.

The exec says that Telcel customers are able to get the free iPhone 4 case until September 30, when it expires (in the US as well). This meshes with what we've been hearing behind the scenes at Apple, that they're working on an actual hardware solution to the antennas—one that doesn't hide the antenna, but either coats it or changes the material to something that doesn't react so badly with your skin.


Again, the date is a rumor, since everything is subject to Apple's whims on when they want to release their products. However, it could be a pretty interesting announcement at tomorrow's press conference. [Canal-MX via Macrumors via Boy Genius Report]