Rumor: No More Free iPhone Replacements For You

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MacRumors is reporting that Apple is ending its longstanding informal policy of offering free iPhone replacements to morons like me who accidentally damage our devices. From now on, you'll need to shell out for AppleCare+ to replace accidentally damaged phones.


Apple's previous policy gave its geniuses some leeway in deciding whether or not to waive the $199 charge when replacing a phone, as many people who have wandered into an Apple Store with a busted iPhone have pleasantly discovered. The new $99 AppleCare+ policy includes coverage for two incidents of accidental damage (plus a $49 service fee), but, according to Macrumors, ends the Genius Bar employees power to waive that fee for anyone else.

Pony up, butterfingers. [MacRumors]


KrautMcFriend: Bow of Souls

THIS is what get's the Apple girly men upset?

I don't know about you blind fanboys, but I jus bought a MacBook Pro for $1300 dollars, 3 months ago. I had a question about iPhoto - A QUESTION ...and the asshole on the phone told me, "sorry, Apple has a policy that after 3 months, you now hove to pony up $40 to talk to me."

So great, I paid that much for a MacBook and NO customer support.

I work for a major GPS company; we would NEVER, EVER treat a customer that way. You can call our Product Support Line with a 15 year old GPS III and we ask, how can I help?

I'm sorry, but that's horrible.