Russian Cosmonaut Gets Anti-Matter Ray Gun Onboard ISS

This is cosmonaut Maksim Surayev. And what he's holding is the latest Russian anti-matter ray gun smuggled onboard the International Space Station. Or maybe it was a microphone to eavesdrop the American astronauts. Or an old pump. I forgot.

In the photo I'm holding the latest gadget developed by our military. The device works in two modes. One allows eavesdropping on our colleagues in the American segment. You can … record all their conversations. Also, the device can be used for martial arts training - to be prepared for an alien attack on the Russian segment of the ISS. Guys, it's just a joke, I hope you realize! It's not some weapon or a spy gadget. Just an old pump that Roma and I replaced!


Surayev is the current flight engineer at the ISS, and the first Russian cosmonaut with a blog from space. It seems a lot more fun than the dry American's. [Roscosmos—In Russian via Russia Today via Wired]

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