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Saddest Sight in the World: HD DVD Sponsored Bags at CES

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh, poor HD DVD. Toshiba pays big bucks to stamp its name and the HD DVD logo on every journo bag they hand out at CES. But Warner's bitchslap has sent them home to cut their wrists and cry in the corner, so they're not even here! Yep, the HD DVD Group has shitcanned their conference. Just how did we get to this sad state of affairs? Let's review.


Well, Warner scopes the holiday sales scene, sees Blu-ray picking up even though its gear cost more than HD DVD, and decides to go full steam ahead on Blu-ray, lest the format war suffocate both of the HD formats and DVD.


With only two studios left on HD DVD's team (Paramount and Universal), things look pretty crappy on their front, so I sorta don't blame them for bailing to ponder its doom. Hit the comments with what you think they'll say in their post-CES conference.