If you think back to the last time you cut yourself using something sharp, it was probably in the kitchen, not your workshop. Given how much more time we all spend in the kitchen, it makes sense that the risk of injury would be higher. So it also makes sense that someone would design a set of kitchen knives that are safer, easier, and more comfortable to use.

The knives look like they were hacked together from saws, planes, and other workshop tools. But they were actually designed this way, with ergonomic soft handles so they're easier to grip and require less force‚ÄĒwhich makes them much safer to use.

The silicone-coated Japanese steel blades are less likely to stick to the food you're cutting, and easier to clean. And the knives' sharp tips have been replaced with rounded edges so they're less likely to accidentally stab.

They range in price from about $18 for the smallest blade, to about $28 for the serrated bread knife. And despite their appearances, they definitely won't work as hack saws or wood planes, so you can forget about them doing double-duty in your workshop. [Unikia]