Samsung Demonstrates Folding OLED Cellphone, Vindicates Thousands of Ridiculous Concepts

Buried amongst the piles of Newer! Bigger! Better! TVs, pico projectors and paper-thin, flapping OLED screens at FPD in Japan was an absolute gem: a folding OLED phone concept from Samsung. This isn't some half-assed, flat-to-sightly-bowed demo either: this thing folds over on itself completely. In its folded mode it looks quite similar to the D900, but the phone opens like a book to reveal a massive, bright OLED screen, creased down the middle. While we've got this luscious, luscious video, we don't have much in the way of specs, and it goes without saying that this stuff is probably a long way from making it to market. [OLED Display]

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now all they have to do is make it a touchscreen.