Samsung Demos a PMP With AMOLED Screen Technology

Samsung showed off a portable media player at an expo in Korea recently that uses an active matrix on LED screen. The AMOLED screen is better at replicating the NTSC gamut (100 percent of it vs. the usual 68 percent with conventional TFT-LCDs). Bottom line? The screen will look better, that is, better brightness and contrast ratio, at a 30-degree viewing, or so says a Samsung rep.

The PMP's screen is 2.4-inches and has a 240x320-pixel resolution. Since it's of the AMOLED variety—this technology is more energy efficient, and consumes less power—you can expect better battery life.


The kicker: will this PMP come out in North America? No idea quite yet, but by the looks of it, it'll hit stores in Korea before the end of the year.

2.4-inch AMOLED multimedia player [Aving USA via New Launches]

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