Samsung Follows Through on Apple Lawsuit Threat

Lawyer fight! After Apple sued Samsung up and down for alleged mobile patent infringement, the defense has wasted little time in mounting a counterattack of the "no, YOU are" variety. Samsung has filed complaints against Apple in Seoul, Tokyo, and Germany, saying that Apple in fact infringed on their patents.

It's nothing new that everybody's suing everybody in mobile. But Samsung's one of Apple's major components suppliers, and it's a little unusual to see two companies so dependent on each other come out swinging this hard. But don't worry, kids! This one will end like they all do: one multibillion dollar company paying another multibillion dollar company piles of cash, that will be used exclusively to light victory cigars. [Bloomberg]



Samsung has no leg to stand on. They are desperately counter-suing because they are being sued. The content of their suit does not even matter - the goal is to slow Apple's momentum by occupying their lawyers.

Apple's got a good case and Samsung knows it. The only problem I see in this situation is that Apple should have started suing the first time a phone was released that even remotely infringed on their Intellectual Property. That way, I commonly understood baseline could have been set for other companies to follow.

By being so generous for so long, Apple has become the enabler in other companies infringing on Apple's IP. By creating this new smartphone market (since 2007) and laying the groundwork for consumer expectation in design and functionality, other companies have been forced to meet that *specific* demand, for no other reason than to guarantee at least cursory acceptance of their products.

At this point, only Microsoft has put fourth the effort to pursue truly unique design principles... but look where that has gotten them: A gamble that does not appear to be paying off so well (yet). Of course, they are NOT being sued by Apple.

Samsung played the game, knew the risks and is now dealing with the consequences.