Samsung Glyde 2 for Verizon: Better Luck Second Time Around?

Leaked photos of a Verizon-branded Glyde 2 (aka U960) smartphone show it has a streamlined design, a fourth row added to the keyboard, and now uses Samsung's TouchWiz interface. It all sounds promising, but what about that sluggish touchscreen?

When our very own Matt Buchanan conducted last year's iPhone Clone Battlemodo, his verdict on the first generation Glyde was as succinct as it was scathing:

"The Glyde is just a truly terrible phone. Most clay bricks are more responsive than its touchscreen, especially around the edges, and the crappy, sluggish Verizon software doesn't help. And its keyboard ain't much better."


I do like the idea of a competitive haptic touchscreen rival to the iPhone. So here's hoping that Samsung and Verizon have lifted their game. It's early days, so no word yet on pricing or availability. [HowardForums via Electronista]

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