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Samsung Is Supposedly Working on a Much Cooler Folding Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is pretty, but basically just an origami tablet.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is pretty, but basically just an origami tablet.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

The Galaxy Fold is an innovative device, even if many reviewers broke it almost instantly. It’s more a tablet that folds down into a phone-sized device. As someone with tiny pockets, I’d probably prefer a phone-sized device that folds down into something even smaller when not in use. Bloomberg reports that Samsung has such a device in development and is planning to launch it as soon as next year.


It wouldn’t be the first rumored phone that folds into something smaller. Images already leaked of a Razr-branded device from Lenovo and Motorola. Korean outlet ET News also previously reported rumors of a clamshell phone from Samsung back in June. We called the rumor absurd at the time, but Bloomberg’s report makes it seem more likely.


The Samsung device will reportedly sport a 6.7-inch display when unfolded. That’s only about .1 inches smaller than the display on the gigantic Note 10+. Bloomberg says the new device will fold down to the size of a “pocket square.”

It’s also intended to be much more stylish than the Galaxy Fold, according to Bloomberg. Luxury outfitter Thom Browne is reportedly working on the design of the phone with Samsung so that it will appeal to more than just the tech nerds. Browne’s clothes tend to be very East coast prep with a shot of modernity. Kind of a more youthful Ralph Lauren. Presumably, his collaboration would lend a classic touch to Samsung’s future-forward concept.

Samsung’s problems aren’t their phones being too techie. It’s a combination of high prices and bad press. When phones burst into flames or can be destroyed with the removal of a single piece of plastic film, that’s a problem. When they cost nearly $1,000, people will be reluctant to update annually or biannually. Samsung, it seems, is banking on flash and smart design to change people’s minds.

According to Bloomberg, this new clamshell-style phone will launch at some point in 2020.


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Did the fold ever even come out?