Samsung Releases 70" HDTV for Consumers

So there are pretty damn big TVs out there, 60-inch, 70-inch, and hell, even a 103 incher. Nobody in their right mind is going to own one of these except celebrities. Samsung has announced today the addition of three 70-inch TVs designed for the "consumer market." These LCD TVs will support full 1080p high definition.


Okay Samsung, take a hint. If you really wanted to develop a 70-inch LCD TV for the consumer market, then drop all of the goodies that will skyrocket the price of the machine. The inclusion of 1080p, a 180 degree viewing angle, 8ms response time and 2,000:1 contrast ratio will likely make this LCD well over the price range of the majority of average consumers. At least it is an LCD rather than plasma.

Samsung Electronics Develops First 70-inch LCD TV Panel [Akihabara]

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