Samsung SC-DC164 10,000 Word Review Spoiler: it's teh suck

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Here's a review of the low rent Samsung SC-DC164 camcorder. It's the base model that records to little DVD discs. Ordinarily, that would be the end of the story. But David Kender of Camcorder Info knows his stuff. He gives this camera the gadget equivalent of an invasive body cavity search. The resulting review is about as long as anything I've ever read on the internet, but he doesn't mince words.

The SC-DC164 ($449 MSRP) is Samsung's entry-level DVD camcorder, and it looks every bit the part.This is a bottom-end model...DVD camcorders are a rapidly expanding market, and the DC164 simply cannot compete.


That's just the first paragraph. Next, he proceeds to give scores for the camcorder's designs. That is, separate scores for each side. WTF! And separate score for the zoom, resolution, and everything else you could possibly dream up.

Here's the graph on Low Light Performance:

At 15 lux, the Samsung SC-DC164 was completely devastated. Noise had overwrought the image, there was almost no color, and nearly all detail had been lost and it could not focus. Normally, a camcorder can manage to retain at least one of these factors. But, no.


UPDATE: Camcorder Info writes in to tell us the review was actually 8,500 words, not 10,000. They also gave our review of their review a score of (3.2). Such is life.
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