Samsung Shows The Future Of Its Camera Phones With New Sensor Technology

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Samsung's headline act may've been the new Wave handset yesterday, but here at Gizmodo we're equally interested in the guts of these portable talky-phones. Take their two new CMOS sensors for phones, which show the future for Samsung's new camphones.


The S5K4E2 is a 5.0-megapixel sensor that measures just 1/4 of an inch and has an extended depth of field which will make for sharp photos (supposedly). It'll also shoot video at 14fps "at full resolution" and uses noise removal technology for clearer, less-noisy pics.

The second sensor, the S5K5CA, is 1/5th of an inch and is only 3.0-megapixels, with the main aim here being able to squeeze into extra small and slim phones. It'll shoot video in 720p and features a new JPEG rotation feature, which Samsung claims will save time when rotating images, eliminating lag.

Both camera sensors will be seen in phones in just a month or two, though I'm guessing the latter sensor has been used in the Wave, judging by the specs. [Business Wire]


Duncan Stevenson

I've always found camera phones to be quite a strange market. On the one hand people seem to obsess over megapixels (see 'only 3MP' above), when mostly they'll be used for Facebook and nothing else. I'm always of the mentality that my phone is great for the odd snapshot, but when I want to take pictures I'll use a camera.

Hopefully Samsung are moving in the right direction by improving the quality of the snaps and not just bumping the MP. Camera phones always seem to suffer from poor low-light performance and tend to have tremendous lag when snapping. Maybe Samsung are finally trying to improve things in these sorts of areas?