Samsung Unveils Its First Phone With Video Editing Capability

What's the next logical step in the YouTube user-generated content video craze? Well, even if you didn't read the headline, you probably guessed it: the ability to edit video on your phone then upload right away. Samsung just unveiled the SCH-B750 in Korea. It twists, Nokia N90-style, into a camcorder posture for shooting. When your clip is shot, you can cut it up, add text and background music, then send it straight to a website, such as Korea's, all straight from the phone. Jump for more photos of the phone (and the lovely model).


Video resolution is 320x240 (and what looks like the option of up to 352x288), and the basic format is MPEG4. The phone will come in black, white and red (no mention of silver), and will list for 600,000 won, or just over $650.

[Samsung via InfoWorld]

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