Samsung Wants Your Old Phones If You Want Their New Ones

When you get a new phone, you might not have any use for the old one. Samsung apparently does, because they're willing to offer you cold, hard cash for it.

There are plenty of ways to dump an old phone, like painstakingly putting it up on eBay, or shipping it off to Gazelle. But if you want to get a new Samsung, they'll buy it off you outright for up to $300. Doesn't matter if your old phone is Samsung or not, just so long as your new one is. All you have to do is apply for a quote on their Facebook page. If you like the number you get, go out and buy your Samsung of choice, mail your old handset off with the receipt from the new phone, and your check will be in the mail.


The variety of phones they'll take seems pretty wide, wider than Gazelle which limits its buys to phones that are theoretically in demand. That said, the prices Samsung will offer aren't always great; they'll take your fully functional Motorola DROID, but they'll offer you a fat $0 for it. Cash-for-phones isn't anything new, but it's interesting to see Samsung getting into the action since their business model isn't exactly "sell random used phones." As always, the convenience will cost you, but it's a decent option for the lazy. [Phandroid]

Image by Gemenacom/Shutterstock

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