If sketchy on-screen controls have limited your smartphone gaming sessions to puzzles and tap-to-play titles, Samsung wants you to expand your horizons and embrace your smartphone's inner console. The company has officially released the redesigned version of its Smartphone GamePad, complete with an accompanying app that lists what games are immediately compatible with the controller as they're added to the Google Play Store.

The GamePad was first revealed earlier this year, sporting colored buttons and a design that looked heavily influenced by the Xbox 360's controller. But Samsung has since redesigned it from the ground up, at least in terms of form. Like most gaming controllers already on the market, the GamePad still features a pair of analog sticks, an eight-way directional pad, four buttons, and two shoulder triggers.

Wireless connectivity comes via Bluetooth, while NFC makes it easy to pair with official Samsung Galaxy devices. And while product shots show the controller securely clamping onto a smartphone, there's no indication if that's actually built into the controller or not. The same goes for pricing and availability. Samsung claims the GamePad is already available in some parts of Europe, but specific info on pricing and international availability isn't known, but presumably will be revealed closer to CES in January. [Samsung via Pocket-lint]