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One of the more common early complaints about LCD TVs, and even plasma displays, is that they don't perform too well in daylight, and appear rather washed out. The technology has improved greatly since those early days, and it looks like Samsung has decided to capitalize on it by launching an exclusive line of LCD TVs that perform exceptionally well in daylight. The 42-inch Tristar PDP TV and 50-inch Tristar PDP TV will supposedly display images that are brighter, clearer, and sharper, allowing more color and shade gradients than regular LCD TVs. The TVs will also have a total of 10 hidden speakers, and SRS TruSurround XT surround sound. The price for the 50-inch model is about US$6,500, and I'm guessing it'll be a long while before either one makes its way stateside.

PDP TV (in Korean) [Aving via New Launches]